Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tags and Categories in beta Blogger

How do I easily create a list of categories and then put any new post into one of those (or 'misc'). Second is then how to tag all entries (ok found that via Blogger/Help) Duh!
The categories is not the same as what Blogger calls lists

I can see plenty of info for 'normal' blogger (not current beta I'm using) and looks as if one of the new features of beta is labels (aka tags)

Taker has an entry Code Snippets: Categorizing Blogger entries he talks about oldcola and delicious version and suggest a different approach using JS to invoke a 'focused' search.
He also talks in Blogger Categories in 5 minutes (A different approach) about how to improve on his last version by using CSS and categories thru JS and CSS tag.

I've not tried either of those (and how much work they are) but I am also perplexed at how Blogger does not come with these (what I would consider 'normal' features) as standard (maybe need to look at WordPress or some others?)

Also BLogger Category and Calendar "add-on" as a tip from Li-Zhao using Pico Search to index your site . Note: an interesting side-menu that dynamically "pops-out" as u mouse over it.

John has an entry on how to use delicous for categories.

WebWeaver has an article of tag cloud from phydeaux3: Code for Beta Blogger Label Cloud article. Nice - will need to add this as a feature to my blog.
He also has been working on delicious2Blogger - Categories for Blogger and trying to get it working the new beta. Seems similiar to what Taker had written about above.  Also has an in-depth look at Beta Tags Evolution on the beta and some speculation on tags. Interesting.

 Had no response on my post at beta blogger group

anyone got any ideas/links?

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At December 30, 2006 at 5:32 PM , Blogger webweaver said...

Hi Brendan,

Thanks heaps for the link - I really appreciate it! Now where's your tag cloud?? :)

At December 31, 2006 at 1:26 PM , Blogger The Lal said...

I c that u already have your TagCloud! so u beat me 2 it.

I just added categories via Daniel Chong Jyh Tar blog (mostly about .NET stuff) and script generator (which doesn't work well in Opera 9.1).

Works quite nice. I'll also look to modify and c if I can have it use (uses active search) multiple tags per category.



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