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Come to sunny Colorado and get kick STARTED

TechStars has created an opportunity to get your startup or idea KICKED off the STARTING LINE. For 4 months (mid May-mid Aug) you'll be getting your "business" GOING....

  1. bridge the startup funding gap by providing just enough capital to get your idea off the ground in exchange for 5% of the initial equity in your company. This is a non-controlling interest and comes with no voting rights. We won't ask for a board seat or for any uncommon investor rights. You will still run the show.
  2. advice and mentoring from successful startup guys
  3. get great advice on your product and strategy
  4. connections to potential partners (angels, VC's) and customers
  5. pitch during an investor event that we organize
  6. only take ten companies
  7. you get $5,000 per founder, up to 3 founders. So at most, you'll get $15,000 for the summer
  8. about three times per week, we will organize an informal dinner and invite our mentors to speak on a relevant topic
  9. you can come and go as you see fit. But we do require that you be primarily based here (Boulder, Colorado) during the summer
  10. we don't provide a place to live
  11. we will provide meeting and casual office space with Internet access. This space will be available on a first come, first served basis. We will have space available for the founders to meet, work, and play. We'll fill the space with couches, tables, and some dodgeball equipment.
  12. free legal services to the selected companies
  13. free servers, hosting, and bandwidth
  14. application deadline for Summer 2007 is March 31, 2007

Mentors include:
  • Jared Polis Chairman, The Jared Polis Foundation and Founder of and
  • David Cohen Executive Director, TechStars
  • David Brown Founder and President, ZOLL Data Systems
  • Kimbal Musk Founder and CEO, Medium and angel investor, Paypal,
  • Alex King Independent Developer and Founder of FeedLounge and Contributing Developer, WordPress
  • Mark Sawyer Entrepreneur in Residence, Borealis Ventures
  • Chris Scoggins Principal, Sequel Venture Partners
  • Jason Mendelson Managing Director, Foundry Group
  • Greg Reinacker Founder and CTO, Newsgator Technologies
  • Todd Vernon CEO, and founder of Raindance Communications
  • Terry Gold Founder, CEO, and President, Gold Systems
  • Gary Held President, CTEK
  • Paul Jerde Director, University of Colorado Leeds School of Business and The Deming Center
  • Dave Taylor Serial entrepreneur, author, and consultant
  • Frank Moyes Entrepreneurship Scholar in Residence, University of Colorado
  • Andrew Currie Founder of EMail Publishing, Inc., and Cyberspace Development, Inc.
  • Brad Schell Founder & Board Member, Sketchup (acquired by Google)
  • Brian Makare Founder & CTO, Email Publishing / MessageMedia
  • Michael Platt Partner, Cooley Godward Kronish, LLP
  • Paul Berberian Founder and CEO, Raindance Communications, and Founder Market Force Information
  • Jim Pollock Executive Director, CTEK Boulder Venture Center
  • Darren Crystal Founder and CTO,
  • Wendy Lea Chairman, Newmerix and SVP Siebel Consulting
  • Niel Robertson Founder and CTO, Newmerix
  • Lucy Sanders Founder and CEO, National Center for Women & Information Technology
  • Rajat Bhargava Chairman and CEO, StillSecure
  • Jim Lejeal Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Oxlo Systems
  • Sue Kunz Founder and CEO, Solidware Technologies
  • Ryan Martens Founder and CTO, Rally Software Development
  • Tim Miller CEO, Rally Software Development
  • Ben Casnocha 18 Year-old Entrepreneur & Writer
  • Seth Levine Managing Director, Foundry Group
  • Don Loeb VP of Partner Services, FeedBurner
  • Dan King Founder and CEO, ReadyTalk
  • Lisa Rutherford Venture Partner, Vista Ventures

some of these have excellent blogs on startup life, challenges, success/failure, raising money (or not), failed ideas etc...

this is what the May-Aug months look like ..

Date          Session                   Speakers

  • 05/21/07 TechStars Kickoff   -David Cohen

  • 05/22/07 Talk it up: What we're building -"founders only"

  • 05/24/07 How to start a startup -Brad Feld, Jared Polis, Brad Schell

  • 05/28/07 Early stage: Breaking even -TBD

  • 05/29/07 Tech session: Technologies platform debate (Java/PHP/Rails/.NET) -founders only

  • 05/31/07 Know your market (go to market strategy, market validation, etc) -Wendy Lea

  • 06/04/07 Early stage: Find your calling (visit Webroot, Inc.) -David Moll

  • 06/05/072Tech session: My coolest tools -founders only

  • 06/07/07 Starting off right (legal & financial issues) Paul Jerde, Gary Held, Michael Platt

  • 06/12/07 Transparency - blog or die?- Alex King, Don Loeb

  • 06/14/07 Financing your company -Brad Feld, Gary Held, Brian Makare

  • 06/18/07 Growth stage: Bootstrapping (visit ZOLL Data Systems) -David Brown

  • 06/19/07 Tech Talk: My best tricks -founders only

  • 06/21/07 Technology infrastructure- Todd Vernon, Greg Reinacker

  • 06/21/07 People Power: Recruiting and timing your next hires- Terry Gold

  • 06/25/07 Growth stage: Scaling the company (visit NewsGator) Brad Feld, Greg Reinacker

  • 06/26/07 Show off night: 1 month demos- founders only

  • 06/28/07 What makes angels want to invest? -Panel of CTEK Angels

  • 07/02/07 Growth stage: Surviving Massive Adoption (PhotoBucket) -Darren Crystal

  • 07/03/07 Independent thoughts- founders only

  • 07/05/07 Working with early adopters -Alex King

  • 07/12/07 Nailing your elevator pitch -Panel

  • 07/19/07 Exit strategies -Panel of VC's

  • 07/26/07 Pitching to investors -Panel of CTEK Angels

  • 07/30/07 Success stage: The acquisition (Sketchup/Google)- Brad Schell, Brian Makare, Mark Sawyer

  • 07/31/07 Show off night: 2 month demos -founders only

  • 08/02/07 PR & Buzz: Crank the machine- Panel

  • 08/07/07 Pitch Practice: Would you invest in this company? -founders only

  • 08/09/07 Term sheets: what you need to know- Panel of VC's

  • 08/16/07 TechStars: Goodbye, "now go kick some ass" party -David Cohen

  • Note that the dates are in US format MM/DD/YY

    More news and blog info here
    and FAQ here
    from the blog ....
    We expect to have somewhere around 100 investors present, and it's by invitation only. Our companies will get about 30 minutes each with this audience to show off their stuff and pitch their ideas (we'll help you prepare for that, don't worry).

    The investors will consist of angel investors with strong reputations, as well as top local (Colorado) and coastal VCs. We already have commitments from VCs in Boston, Silicon Valley, etc. to attend. There will be no shortage of all-star investors to look at the companies emerging from TechStars at the end of the summer.


    Get going only 2 weeks left and you could be the lucky one (or ten!)


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