Wednesday, May 23, 2007

EU startup environment improving but still a gap in early stage support

From alarm:clock euro:

"'Startups are being funded at a faster pace lately and some projects are really interesting with global ambitions and presence but there is still a huge gap with other countries and the USA. There is in particular a lack of light investment structure like YCombinator or CRV quickstart or even experienced business angels to support projects at very early stage before they arrive in VC hands.'"

I will write more regarding this as I feel this is a key element in the startup eco-system. I've had some talks with David Cohen from TechStars on what get him onto his idea and will also talk with Brad Feld regarding whats the 'magic ingredients' necessary for startups at an early stage.

I have more 'bodies' lined up to talk with (especially as regards Ireland) but if you know of anyone that can help lead some experience/advice please let me know.


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