Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Next Web conference - Amsterdam

OOPS - another one stuck in the Web2Ireland blog Drafts Q :(

Anyone else joining the Irish lads Conor and RTE at the The Next Web Conference event at Amsterdam, June 1st, 2007?

The Next Web Conference presents The Startup Arena and introduce three great opportunities for innovative tech start ups to boost their PR, meet up with VC’s and/or show off their service or product to the tech savvy crowd.

Startup Arena
There will be 15 20 tables in the main Coffee plaza available for startups (at no additional costs) to show off their services. Sign up to get a free startup booth. The 20 selected companies will be announced a week before the conference.

Two companies will be selected by a jury to give a 10 minute Showcase / presentation on the main stage! If you think you’re up to it, take a chance!The 2 selected companies will be announced a week before the conference.

During the lunch break the Big bang Ventures will host a Speed pitching session, which is open for all startups, VC’s and press. Startups are matched to VC’s and press for a 4 minute speed pitch. So, meet, pitch, impress, make sure you meet up at the party, shake hands, and get a card and the next Speed pitch is coming up! Join the Speed pitching session.


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