Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wanna pitch? Microsoft Campus, Silicon Valley - June 2007

from Event Launch : Silicon Vally 2007

Following the success of the initial Launch: Silicon Valley event in November 2006, we are pleased to announce Launch Silicon Valley 2007 will be held on June 5, 2007, at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View, CA. The event, co-presented by Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE) and Garage Technology Ventures, provides the next generation of emerging technology companies with the opportunity to pitch their products to, and network with, an audience of Silicon Valley’s top movers and shakers. The first Launch: Silicon Valley event featured 29 top startups, presenting their products and services to an audience of over 180 VCs, Angels, corporate business development executives, prospective customers and partners, bloggers and media.

Launch: Silicon Valley 2007 is designed to uncover and showcase products and services from the most exciting of the newest startups in information technology, mobility, security, digital media next generation internet, life sciences and clean energy. Launch: Silicon Valley 2007 will feature new companies that are ready for launch, but are not yet well known. These are companies that have a product or service available (as of June 5, 2007), but have not been out in the marketplace for more than a few months. Companies that are interested in presenting their products at Launch: Silicon Valley 2007 should send an Executive Summary of no more than 2 pages to by latest May 13, 2007

Up to 30 of the most interesting companies will be invited to present their product or service at Launch: Silicon Valley 2007, and to network with the audience of Silicon Valley’s top movers and shakers at the Pre-LSV Event Party on the evening of June 4, as well as at the event itself on June 5. The CEOs of the companies voted “most promising new company” in each of the six sessions will also receive invitations (for two) to attend the prestigious Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” Gala Dinner on June 29 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

Costs approx $750. got until May 13th 2 sign up!!

Here's what 2 of the presenting companies from Launch: Silicon Valley 2006 have to say:

Launch: Silicon Valley was an extremely valuable event for cFares, as it was there that we met the firm that subsequently became the lead investor in our latest round of finance. We would not have achieved as much progress as we have without Launch: Silicon Valley.

Vajid Jafri
Founder & CEO

Since L:SV we closed series A with Innovacom and ATA and have gone on to win large customer deals across the Telco and mobile social networking world. We’re growing significantly and are now looking at closing a new round of funding as well that we will announce sometime early next month.

On the team side, we’re up to well over 50 people and are looking to be over 120 by end of this year across the globe. We currently have people on the ground in Santa Clara, Beijing, Karachi, Tokyo and soon to expand to Hong Kong, Paris, London, Dubai and Bombay.

So things are going quite well so far. Thanks much for giving us the opportunity to present at L:SV; it was indeed a very good show for us.

Faraz Hoodbhoy
CEO, PixSense, Inc.


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At June 6, 2007 at 11:44 PM , Blogger The Lal said...

Noticed on
that Guy K. is presenting his Tremurs new startup.

the blog article shows the slides for his presentation and always Guy has some guy stats/info.

Amazing what $12K and a "noted" person can achieve these days :)


At June 6, 2007 at 11:48 PM , Blogger The Lal said...

another good analysis at

and very interesting that ...
The Inquirer is a widely-read UK based online news channel. It covered the story - totally negatively - two days after the launch and this triggered almost a quarter of a million page views...

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