Saturday, June 16, 2007

U an Irish CEO and want a 5 day trip to Edinburgh

from little known CEO Club Ireland (at least no one I've talked with has mentioned it and not seen it on any blogs connected with Irish startups!) they are planning a Visit to Edinburgh.

15th - 19th August 2007

CEO Club has been working with Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Consulate in Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to make this a memorable and exciting opportunity for CEO Club members. The CEO Club-Edinburgh Initiative aims to provide members with a forum for meeting, discussion and exchange of ideas. Our intention is also to increase the number and quality of collaborations and the presentation of work from Ireland and the UK through the increased networking between UK and Irish creative practitioners.


DAY 1  Wednesday, 15th August 2007
- Pick up points in Dundalk & Newry
- Coach to ferry terminal and on to Edinburgh
- Check in to Accommodation
- Dinner

DAY 2   Thursday, 16th August 2007
- Breakfast & Briefing Meeting
- One to one Meetings Facilitated at the Apex International Hotel, Grassmarket, Edinburgh
Best Practice Visits, Edinburgh
- Evening Reception, Irish Consulate, Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh

DAY 3  Friday, 17th August 2007
- Breakfast & Briefing Meeting
- Breakfast Practice Visits Glasgow
- Evening Networking Event with the Creative Entrepreneurs Club at the Lighthouse, Glasgow
- Coach back to Edinburgh

DAY 4  Saturday, 18th August 2007
- Breakfast
- Members have free time to use as they wish!!

DAY 5  Sunday, 19th August 2007
- Breakfast
- Coach to ferry
- Drop off points in Newry & Dundalk

You cannot "see" any events or their calender unless you are a member (must be secret stuff they get up to!) and trying to use their search it doesn't show anything for event, calender, scotland, edinburgh (so obviously not a full text search or again doesn't show 'secret stuff')

They appear to have plenty of 'local' connections via their Steering Committee
If anyone has any connection with them please let me know.
Like a lot of goverment related sites on the web they have no blog and very much a closed shop (hint!)


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At August 7, 2007 at 5:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion. After the event write to each and ask them for a copy of their report on the junket, sorry trip.
Certainly one would expect the good public servants among them - a majority as far as one can see - to be making comprehensive reports and recommendations for action on their findings, so you should have no trouble there.
Even if they don't blog, you can broadcast their findings and share them with the wider world.

At October 3, 2007 at 4:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will leave this anonymous as am based in the same area, and find that criticism/feedback/democracy etc is not encouraged. Unfortunately these people seem to have found the crock of European funded gold-they are on a border which has had problems in the past-still does to an extent-and have found that they can do as they like-the EU funders will swallow any story as long as it sounds good for them, and that they are dealing with their own sort. The crock of gold for them means a crock of sh*t for any creative people and businesses in the area, apart from a few trusties that they'll back to the hilt.


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