Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dell customer service; and how to GET the service you deserve

Dell's customer service used 2b known as the best and one of the reasons they did so well 4 so long. I rarely recommend Dell computers anymore to people - 2 many gotchas and when u have totalled up all the add-ins 2 make it a viable computer its often 2 pricey.

Anyway this guy, Pat Dori, was having problems with his new purchase and Dell were not co-operating so he took a novel approach and got some service ($3000) in the end!

Way 2 go. Reminds me of the guy (Vinny) who video-tapped his conversation with AOL (another guy did Comcast sleeping tech on the job) on trying 2 give 2 the service and all the hassle he had 2 go thru.


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