Monday, December 18, 2006

Get IP PBX system using Mac Mini and iPod

 blue4S: 4S newcom turns the Mac mini into the world’s slickest IP PBX

Berlin-based 4S ...uses SIP for VoIP communication and runs on a Mac mini..., it is booted off an iPod Shuffle... “It is so compact that even on the smallest iPod Shuffle (512 MB) enough room is left for 4 full hours of music.”

Once the system is booted off the iPod shuffle, it can, of course, be installed on the built-in hard disk, leaving the user to enjoy the iPod Shuffle safe in the knowledge that it will also serve as installation media in case of emergency.

The blue4S entry level system consists of a Mac mini, the iPod Shuffle with the 4S IP PBX licensed for up to 250 users and 30 parallel calls, as well as five snom300 VoIP phones. It will be priced at 2,999.00 Euro...

“Conventional PBX systems at this configuration cost ten times as much”, says Harry Behrens. “Due to the flexibility of software vs. hardware and IP vs. TDM, it is also much more flexible and versatile, and the operating costs are a fraction of what users will be used to from their conventional TDM-based PBX”

The system provides a slick and intuitive configuration front-end, which is purely web-based and accessed by simply pointing a web browser to the IP address of the IP PBX.

With just a few clicks, the system administrator can configure inbound number blocks, users, extensions, outbound routing and advanced features such as auto attendant, voicemail, conferencing etc.

4S newcom will donate 51% of the proceeds of the first nine hundred and ninety-nine systems sold to the VoIP Competence Center at the Technical University Dresden. “We are an East German company and like to invest in the local human capital”, says Harry Behrens.

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