Sunday, December 17, 2006

Talk to a Skype user from your cellphone

Santosh has an article (video) on how TalkPlus has figured out how to talk to Skype from their own servers. They sell a service that allows (via small java application u download on your cellphone) u to have a 2nd 'virtual' phone number (up 2 ten numbers), which works over the data channel but appears to some one on the other end as a normal phone call. This allows u to have annoymouse #, one 4 business and one 4 personal etc..

There are other ways 2 get Skype on your cellphone or interact (such as Eqo, IPdrum, Soonr, Epyx, iSkoot (recently got $6M funding from Vinod Khosla Ventures) and Vox) but appear 2b more complicated. Notice that some phones are now starting 2 get Skype (and other IM's) installed as standard.

from Bruce Stewart article also more

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