Monday, December 18, 2006

13 new companies at LaunchPad - Web 2.0 Summit

 2006 Launch Pad Participants at Web 2.0 Summit

3B is the new online 3D experience. Browse your MySpace page and your friend’s pages in your themed 3D space. Create 3D flickr or Photobucket galleries in under a minute. Decorate the walls and then hangout and chat with your friend’s avatars. It’s free, quick to create and easy.

Adify enables online publishers to sell advertising directly, while retaining complete control over their advertiser relationships. In addition, Adify-enabled publishers can expand their revenue opportunities by participating in one or more niche, content-focused networks. Adify’s service platform includes campaign management, performance tracking, optimization, reporting, billing, payment and media merchandising.

IN THE CHAIR is a music technology company that lets even beginner musicians play with professionals, live or on-demand over the internet, whilst receiving immediate feedback on their performance. New features in version 2 enable user generated content as well as direct access to music from publishers' online libraries.

Instructables is a web-based "cookbook for stuff" where users share what they have built and how they built it. The inventors at Squid Labs started Instructables to scratch an itch: How to record, share, and collaborate on projects as diverse as kite designs, open-source hybrid vehicles, or a family recipe.

oDesk is a global marketplace for programmers and technical talent that lets businesses build and manage remote teams. Hiring managers can choose from among thousands of top-rated technology professionals, and project managers can use oDesk web-based collaboration tools to visually track and verify work. oDesk investors include Benchmark Capital, Globespan Capital Partners, and Sigma Partners.

Omnidrive: The Universal Web Storage Platform. More than just online storage, Omnidrive gives you the power to easily and securely store, share, publish and backup data from any platform or application. No matter where you are, no matter what device you have in hand, with Omnidrive your files are always with you.

Klostu Empowering web communities. Extending social networks. New feature to be showcased (details can not be made public at this point): A revolutionary mechanism for networking disperate communities.

Sharpcast develops software and services that automatically synchronize any type of file, media or application data between multiple PCs, the web and mobile phones. The company's patent-pending universal synchronization platform and APIs seamlessly bridge the gap between offline desktop applications, online services, and all the devices people use to access them.

Sphere Blog Search and Discovery - we help you find the good stuff, a simple idea that takes some smarts to do right. There are a lot of blogs out there. Some of them are great. And a few of the great ones are about things that interest you. We'll help you find those.

Stikkit makes organizing your daily details as simple as jotting down a note or firing off email. Stikkit's "little yellow notes that think" talk to the productivity applications you already use, as well as to friends, coworkers and family, giving you a universal remote for your life.

TimeBridge has created the first personal scheduling manager to give busy professionals a faster, more efficient way to schedule meetings and manage their time. TimeBridge transforms Microsoft Outlook into a hub for collaborative web services, allowing users to bring busy people together across time zones, calendaring systems and companies in just one step.

Turn is the world's first automatic targeting, bidded CPA ad network. Manual targeting and keywords aren’t required, and advertisers can bid on a cost per action basis. The result: amazing simplicity, superior relevance and greater revenue. Turn is led by search and advertising veterans from AltaVista, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo.

Venyo is building a free online reputation management tool to offer a unified and standardized measure of the personal reliability of each user through the evaluation of his contributions by the community: the Vindex™. Certifying the published material quality will increase the trust level of Web2.0 users and advertiser


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