Monday, December 18, 2006

The Long View of Identity

The Long View of Identity - good article by Andy Oram in June 2006 with views on privacy, trust, anonymity, 3rd parties, reputation from the Identity Mashup conference at Harward Law Berkman Center. 

  • Identity's Two Faces
  • The Urgency of a Positive Holistic Identity
  • Your Transactional Identity?
  • The Compartmentalized Ideal
  • Centralized Identity, Like It or Not
  • Identity: It's Not Your Own
  • Managing Authority
  • Privacy and Data Control
  • Security, Trust, and Liability
  • Persistence and Ownership
  • Secure Data Exchange: Another Choke Point for Identity
  • Solutions: User-Centric Identity
  • Or Does Society Own Your Identity?
  • The Building Blocks of Identity
  • Anonymity: The Starting Point for Identity
  • Aids To Trusted Third Parties
  • Alternatives To Trusted Third Parties
  • Identity and Reputation
  • Identity: The Long View

Identity is something I will cover in more detail and something I've been following for a long time without signs of any magic bullets but interesting developments in the "Web 2.0 era"




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