Saturday, October 20, 2007

Off to Ireland

Oops - not been great in keeping up with blog postings..
Been away on a consulting gig (enterprise architect/strategy) for a large USA retail firm. The joys of the larger companies!

Off to Ireland for a few weeks (23 Oct - Nov 6) and hoping to meet up with some software startups. Talked with some before but would be great to meetup in person and see the "real story" trying 2 get a startup going in Ireland.

In Galway, Dublin(maybe), Cork and possibly Clonmel. If anyone is interesting in (organising) a meetup (Barcamp/OpenCoffee or whatever -even pub 'visit') please let me know.

Hoping to talk to/meet (interview for blog posting etc.) :

Fergus Burns - nooked
Evert Bopp - WiMax
Conor O'Neill - LouderVoice
Joe Drumgoole - PutPlace
David Copithorne - Waveson
John Ward - Cengal
Paul Walsh - Segala
Jonathan Hill - Infacta
David Lenehan - PollDaddy
Tom Raftery
Ken Thompson - Swarm
Walter Higgins - Sxoop/pxn8
Bernin Goldback - podcasting
Aodhan Cullen - Statcounter
Keith Bohanna - dbTwang
Frank Fullard - CEB
Brian O'Malley - EI
Donncha O'Caoimh - pictures!
James Cooley, John Breslin - DERI
James Corbett- Grazr
Pat Phelan - Cubic
Sean O'Sullivan
David Doherty - 3G Doctor
Niall Larkin
Vinny Glennon
Dominic Herity - Redplain
Julian Ellison/Yongchun Ji - Tablane

lots more .. but can only type so much ... on my way... bring that brollie :)


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