Wednesday, December 20, 2006

System Administration with ooRexx

Howard Fosdick and Jon Wolfers wrote an article in Mar 2006 on System Administration with ooRexx. ooRexx is the Open Object Rexx language.
Rexx, invented at IBM around 1980, was one of the first scripting languages and stands for "REstructured eXtended eXecutor"
This brings me back a couple of years to my mainframe era doing Mvs, DB2, Profs, Cics, Ims etc...

He shows an example script to identify and delete large files on Windows servers.

Howard has an older article Rexx: Power Through Simplicity.
Here's a quick quiz. Which scripting language ...
  • Runs on virtually all platforms and operating systems?
  • Enjoys a strong standard to which all implementations adhere?
  • Comes in object-oriented versions that are upwardly compatible with the standard procedural language?
  • Is known for combining ease of use with power?

Through the first three questions you might well have answered "Perl," but question four is a stumper. Powerful and useful as it is, few might claim that Perl is a language that is easy to learn or master.

Rexx is the answer.


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