Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gizmo has 1c calls to US, 1.5c UK/IRL and free to Gizmo users - PC/Home/Mobile

Gizmo (open source SIP VOIP system) is now offering free phone calls (can be to PC, 
home# or mobile) from your PC to other Gizmo/SIP users.
"That call will be free provided (a) you both are active Gizmo Project users, which just means you make a few calls a week using the software and (b) are calling a qualifying number in one of the 60 countries for which the plan is offered.
...are only able to allow free calls to landline phones in 60 countries, and mobile numbers in 17 of those countries ...

Offering very cheap calls to US landlines (1c), UK(1.5c), IRL (1.6c)
Also offer a free incoming (US only) 775 area code thats routed to you.

Gizmo offer Instant Messaging and now part of IM Federation which is using Jabber as an IM integration gateway (allowing you 2 talk to other IM's via its XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence) Protocol. Trillian and Gaim have been doing this on the PC for years but require a new version each time Microsoft, AOL or Yahoo have their IM wars.
  • Customize Voicemail Messages
  • Gizmo Project and Google Talk are Now Connected!
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Free Mobile phone and Landline Conference Calling
  • Asterisk PBX Support
  • SIP Number
  • VoIP networks can reach your Gizmo account free
  • Access Numbers
  • Calling Other VoIP Networks
  • Call Recording
  • SIP Adapters
There are plenty of other cheap/free-ish VOIP type offerings out their, most using softphone but a few like Jahah (free calls on Xmas day) doing "other" offerings that are more mobile/cell friendly.



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